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Deassín is a jewelry brand created in Spain by Lucía Ruiz de Assín. It's a project where design, art, and craftsmanship converge, with jewelry serving as a means of artistic expression for the designer.

In her workshop in Madrid, Lucía creates each piece by sketching and composing her ideas directly on the body, experimenting and playing with materials and tools on hand. Thus, intuitively and spontaneously, inspired by the creative process itself, original, unique, and evocative pieces are born.

A contemporary perspective seeking quality, movement, and clean lines gives rise to simple pieces with timeless elegance and a unique style.

Deassín works in three different lines: silver and gold pieces for everyday wear, gold and precious stones for engagements and other special occasions, and exclusive made-to-order pieces.

These pieces aim to transcend trends, becoming essential and valuable in the way they affirm the personality of the wearer.


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